Our decor

Between coat hook, mirror, et metal wall signs, there is for all the tastes.

Cheer up the room of your children and your decoration with a pop and playful twist.
Do not wait anymore!


  • Mirror

    Our mirrors

    Alzette, Gijou and Arly, three extravagant characters of the Educalux Universe.

    A playful an djoyful look in your decoration.
  • Shelf

    Our shelves

    Based on the symbolic two-coloured wheel, here is the Iton shelf and his pure and colored design.
  • Metal wall sign

    Our metal wall signs

    Tom the adventurer, Bob the funny dog, the acrobats animals of the farm... So many joyful characters who will give to smile parents and children.
  • Posters

    Our posters

    Close-up on the famous characters who made the success of Educalux.
    An attractive way to put some colors and smiles on the wall.
  • Coat Hook

    Our coat hooks

  • Figurine


    Forty years after the creation of the small pig of the Educalux farm, the designers revisit subtly this toy and give birth to Boëme, a figurine with vintage lines.
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  • Coat hooks ACOLIN, Minitou Collection
    24,00 € In Stock
    24,00 €

    The screws of fixation are not supplied.

    Couleurs disponibles :  
    In Stock
  • Mirror Educalux ALZETTE Original, Collection Minitou
    39,00 € Out of stock
    39,00 €

    Out of stock
  • Mirror ARLY Original, Collection Minitou
    39,00 € In Stock
    39,00 €

    In Stock
  • Shelf ITON
    39,00 € Product available with different options
    39,00 €

    The screws of fixation are not supplied. Sold in two parts which assemble by means of the screws of fixation.

    Couleurs disponibles :  
    Product available with different options
  • Cochon Boëme
    29,00 € In Stock
    29,00 €

    Couleurs disponibles :  
    In Stock
Showing 13 - 17 of 17 items